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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WAITING LIST ....................

 Hi all on the list ! Please remember to email every two weeks to keep your spot. I will update the list every week . DO not be afraid to put your name on waiting list , we just ask for a name and phone number after a brief phone interview.  THE WAITING LIST WILL AND CAN CHANGE up until the puppies are born ! 


  1.   LInda - MALE

  2.   Alex - MALE

  3.   Ron - MALE

  4.  Grace - Male

 5.  Manuela - MALE  

 6.  Maggie - Female

 7. Jenn- Female  



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Monday, April 2, 2012

**IMPORTANT*** I had an email that Zoey the beagle had a SEVERE reaction to this VACCINE. DO NOT GET THIS VACCINE , just do the monthly pills ******************
 this vaccine :::6 month heart-worm injectable (ProHeart 6). ************ AGAIN DO NOT GET THIS VACCINE .
a REMINDER: ALWAYS WATCH YOUR PUPPY AFTER Getting shots for "STRANGE BEHAVOIR or SICKNESS** it could mean there having a reaction to the vaccines. Although RARE it does sometimes occur and CAN BE TREATED.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Were now on facebook !

 Hi Everyone !

 You can now join us on facebook ,beagles-caninekids.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Puppy Buyers Beware

   **I would very leary of purchasing a pup were you cannot see
 the parents or visit the puppy's. I have seen some new web sites
 pop on advertising beagle pups, these are "brokers" and "agents". 
  Simply ask " Can i see the puppy before I buy it
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Thanks for visiting us ! 
       We appreciate you stopping in and getting a look
into Danielle's beagles my canine kids for yourself . On the tabs
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 checking out our puppies ! We sometimes also may 
have available adults  or older pups.
Sit and stay awhile and if you are interested
in a new baby please tell us about yourself.
You'll find some information on the
following pages
about cost of adopting of a new pup,info
about me and also
some facts about beagles
and my policies on shipping and health.  Enjoy!   
   ****We Currently are not breeding
the lemon/white beagle puppies , we
randomly have them born in litters.

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     Diggin' Dozer & Maddie Mudpies are due to have pups on 11/18/16!
If interested please fill out a puppy application and follow up with an email.
This means that we will do a puppy visit around Christmas, and if anyone wants to do a Christmas Surprise !
They would go home mid January . ( Something to look forward to after the Holidays).
                             AKC Qaulity Beagles, DNA tested and profiled.     
              SEE what my Puppy Parents have to say on our above testamonial tab or join us on facebook, beagles-caninekids, we now have video of our beagle puppies.
   Puppies come with (included in price which is $800.00 per pup): PLEASE SEE OUR PRICING POLICY*
   *Health Record (1st shots done by a licensed Vet)    *AKC PAPERS(LIMITED)    *Puppy Kit    * AKC Lineage Chart  and * Health Guarantee Contract, and a stuffed toy that has there "Litter Scent" to go home with them !
  Puppies pics are updated every Saturday or Sunday so you can and your family can watch your puppy change and grow while waiting for pick up day! ** The puppies pics below are puppies from Canine Kids !

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Our Hours
Monday - Sunday. Calling hours are from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.!!!!
Please do not call before or after office hours.
Feel free to email us at anytime !
  Puppies can be seen on site by appointment only along with the parents.

 Please email or call and leave a message with a clear name and telephone number where you can be reached . Voice mail and emails are checked frequently and we will try to get back to your call as soon as possible. We do have days were we are very busy and it may take some time to get to all our calls and questions, we appreciate your patience.

 Contact us by phone : 1-978-265-8790 cell 
Contact us by Email: at caninekids@verizon.net 

Please sign up if you would like updates on our beagles !

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