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Puppy Application

  We would like to take a few minutes to get to know you. If you could fill out some information about you and we may ask additional questions over the phone. We do this screening to ensure our puppies are going to great forever homes!
We reserve the right to deny home approval if you do not meet our criteria
 for responsible dog ownership. You will be able to be re-reviewed if your circumstances change in the future. 
Were looking for a stable home preferably with an owner who owns there own house or landlord approval. If a person will be home for a reasonable amount of time to attend to the puppies needs and training.
THINK: Take six months to train  your new puppy you will have a great family member for life ! It can be hard work and you need to be committed ! Properly LOVED, trained and socialized puppies will grow to be wonderful family members. They will love you unconditionally and be a loyal friend to you for there lifetime!
 Be sure you ready for your new baby !

Your information:
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Cool FULL Name
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Telephone number:
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Do you own your home or have landlord approval?( be prepared to give us name and number of landlord)
 More infor
aAre you gone from home more than six to eight hours a day? If so is someone else home ?

Do you have children , how many and ages?Do you have any other pets?

Do you know how much work a puppy can be, and are you prepared for the additional costs at this time?
Would you like to add any comments or questions?

 You must be eighteen years old or older to apply for approval.

 You will need to provide I.D. to us when picking up,on delivery day. I now require everyone to have a travel crate when picking up there puppy. Tip: There is probally someone you know who will gladly let you borrow one.

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