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About Beagles


      Rethink the beagle !
         I know some of you are fan of the beagle, and are here to purchase another because you love the breed and were as proud as you ! Some of you 
 of you are thinking about it. I'll tell you what i know by experience and 
 the reason why you may want to stick with beagle breed.
     I have heard the stories about almost everyone having a beagle in there life when they were little kids and how they bayed and howled. I have heard the stories of having them for hunting dogs. 
   Beagles are of the hound category of dogs. They do make great hunters but need to be trained for hunting!  They follow there nose. Did you know that charlie brown's dog was a beagle...........yup snoopy.   Any dog is going bark or bay/howl when left alone to much or left outside.
 I have a crew of beagles and i don't need ear plugs. Yes they still bark and 
 howl if someone comes near the house but it's mostly one male and it's not constant.  If you pay attention to any dog and give them enough exercise and attention you will have a mostly quiet well behaved dog , assuming training went well. 
          There great family dogs.........blending in well with other dogs and children !  They are a medium size dog and grow to be about 35 pounds ,25 pound for females. Low maintenance, very little shedding so they don't need tons of grooming/brushing. A bath here and there and a nail clip , ear check for dirt and  your done !
    ( very important to keep your beagles ear clean)  and of course vet checks and up to date shots to keep them healthy and disease free.
   Training - there intelligent dogs but to the point they can become stubborn , and sometimes a little more encouragement is needed to keep them going but they catch on quickly!  You will enjoy watching them learn and for me it was 
a great feeling, hey they got it !!!  They are just as happy to please you ! 
    Personally- in opinion only ,  they do not need tons of exercise however they do need some play time or walks ( some activity daily) and YOUR ATTENTION. You'll have a well managed dog with some small steps to keep them active.  They also love to just hang out and watch movies with you or listen to you about your day. There always happy to see you come home ! : )
   INACTIVITY-  well they can become obese .... lazy ... cookie monsters
keep an eye on your beagles weight, easily taken care of with some diet dog food and little  more activity.
    Most important - I did everything with my beagles.... i did the day trips to the lake , walks , swimming ........a trip to Petco ( pet store that allows dogs inside) ...........the downside is they are not dogs that will walk by your side and not be leashed.  Don't risk losing your beagle to being lost or hit by a car . 
They will follow there nose right out of your eyesite!  Fenced in backyard , runner or leash is needed with this breed. 
         Spaying and Neutering any animal will give you a more manageable dog and no unwanted pups
        Of course i would love for you to purchase your new family member from us, and we may have older pups and adults at times.  I am an advocate of abandon beagles. has hundreds of purebred abandoned beagles , one of my dogs was a rescue dog as you will read in "about us" .    He did have issues from his "other life" but i would adopt again , he made a wonderful addition.  You may want to do both as I did , a puppy brought up by you will create a unique bond with you and have the right socialization with you so i am for both new puppies and older beagles in need of re-homing .
                  On to about us....................


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