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2013-2015 Testamonials

Hi Danielle, I forgot to say there are a couple things that have been very helpful in entertaining Miss Lemon. You have probably heard of a flirt pole. Miss Lemon loves hers. Even Claire can use it with her. I got it for $15 on Amazon. The brand is Outward Hound. I can wear her out in about 15 minutes. Then we do training for a few more and I can have a break when Claire naps. The trainer suggested making a game with an empty water bottle. You put treats or kibbles in it then crumple it up a bit. The kibbles should be able to get out still. The bottle can't be one of those very soft ones, those can get chewed. I put her lunch in it to extend my mid day break. 

Anyway, maybe some other puppy owners would like these tips. A happy entertained puppy is a good puppy. 

Enjoy these beautiful pics too. 



             Sent in June 30, 2014 

Hi Danielle,
 I realized it's been forever since I sent you an update! Ariadne is almost 3 now!! Although we named her Ari, she responds to all her nicknames - Junebug, Nugget, Ari "Two-toys" (She sometimes shoves two toys in her mouth at once so she can carry them with her). She's developed some unique habits that just make her personality so loveable, like making herself a little cave under the covers, sucking on her bed pillow before going to sleep at night, and of course, responding almost religiously to the temptation of treats.

She had her annual vet appointment today and did a great job, weighing in at 19.4lbs. The vet remarked that her ears are particularly enormous:)
She's got two toy boxes, three beds, and still hogs the couch. I think she's the snuggliest, most loving dog I've ever had. She's a champion napper and after a good night's rest she's lightening fast in the backyard. She loves the dog park and is always a hit with anyone who meets her. She's especially hilarious at parties when she steals shoes and does cute tricks for milkbones. The head tilt and "lean to the left" is my favorite. I'm including a few pictures with this email. She's so adorable and we can't imagine what our lives would be without her. She's done wonders for our quality of life and we hope that we've lived up to our end of the bargain thus far. Please know that we are forever grateful to you for our best friend and we love her oodles!
Alice and Michael Verlezza

 Email Sent on Aug 18 , 2014 
Hi Danielle,
Hope the puppys are not keeping you too busy,  I have a message from Clancy who will be one year old tomorrow
Happy Birthday to my liter mates and  thank you to my mother, father and Danielle!  I am about 24 pounds, I walk pretty well on the leash (tonight was an exception!)  They say I have a great disposition and that I am a merry happy pup who wants to talk to everyone.   I don't get car sick any more and I go into my crate willingly.  I am great with the kids except that I still jump up a bit.   My health is great, I was "fixed" in April.  Life is good!  
Thor and I love her company, she brightens every day, and we hope her liter mates found equally happy homes!
Thank you
Mary and Thor    

  Email Sent on Sept 27, 2014 
Looks like you've sent another beautiful batch of beagle babies off to new homes.  I just asked Mr. What's His Name if he thought anyone would be getting much sleep tonight.  He said he thought Danielle could.  It must seem quiet in  your house tonight.  Pleasant dreams, Nana.  You deserve a good rest after having raised another litter of little beagles.  
We'll keep checking on the latest news about your next babies and any updates on your last ones.  I know there are a lot of folks out there tonight with little wiggly bundles of furry joy thanks to all the care you put into those pups of your.   Sleep well!
Lots of wet and sloppy puppy kisses from Molly and Dixie.
~ Jean~

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