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Pups proud parents letting me know how there new family members is doing!

 Sarah wrote in on Ouzo" , on October 9th, 2012




  Hi Danielle,   ( Update on  Molly Jean Aug 17th 2012

Also sending you a picture of the whole tribe of grandkids plus Dixie and Molly in the teepee at Cogshall this summer. Molly is part of everything we do....just another one of the kids!

She and Dixie were ready for a rest once all the summer visitors left.

 Jean wrote in on JUNE 20, 2012 
Hi Danielle,
Your house must seem very quiet now that all your pups are gone. 
Molly had a vet's visit today for a booster shot and they listed her overall body condition as "ideal".  She's up to 9.4 lbs.
She has had very few accidents in the house (she heads for the door or her papers) and knows how to "sit" for a treat.  She also knows just where the treats are kept and can beat Dixie to that closet like a little streak of lightening.
Hope your having as much fun with little Leah as we are with Molly.
Have a great summer! ~ Jean


Hi Danielle! Here he is on his first walk! His vet visit went well. No parasites, ears are good and got his distemper shot. He is 6.8 pounds! He's doing great, but wow he is wild sometimes :)

Have a great weekend! I will send you another pic!



 UPDATE ON KIKO Amaya wrote in on Dec 28, 2011

Thank you for the Christmas card. It's adorable! I have placed it on my mantle. Sorry that it has been a long time since I last wrote you. I hope all is good with you.

Kiko is great, he has been neutered and micro chipped. We are very much enjoying him. He is very sweet. Here are some pictures.

Happy Holydays and a very prosperous New year to you and your family!!



 UPDATE ON MACARONI !!!  Marcela wrote in Dec 27, 2011Hi Danielle, how are you ? Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving with all your family. Macaroni says Hi to everybody specially mom and dad. We hope his brothers and sisters are doing great too. Macaroni is doing wonderful, he now weights 30 pounds, his very healthy, friendly, loves to play, cuddle, go for long walks, we called him " the mayor" cuz everybody knows macaroni. This picture was for his 1 year birthday, we celebrate all day with hats, cake, presents and lots of love for our baby :) Take care Danielle, and say hi to the girls. Will be in touch for the holidays, love Marcela & Macaroni


Hi Danielle-

Dunkyn is doing so well- she is totally potty trained, and has been for about 2 months now.  She can 'hold it' for about 5 or 6 hours now during the day, but sleeps all the way through the night, and likes to sleep late on weekends with me :)  She weighs 14 pounds now- so she's still kind of small.  She got a new toy for her 5-month birthday yesterday :)  The vet says she is perfect and that Justin and I "must have read the puppy manual" because she is the sweetest puppy he's seen in a long time.  Her favorite toys are her stuffed bunny, and empty paper towel rolls.  She isn't too much of a big eater (especially for a beagle) but she does love raw carrots and raw green beans.  She doesn't mind being in her crate when we're not home, and sleeps in a different crate right next to my side of the bed at night.  We go for at least 1 walk and/or jog just about every day, and she absolutely loves it- she's really good on the leash, too.  She is the star of the neighborhood- everyone talks to her, gives her water and pets her when we walk by. We get SO many compliments (even from people that have or had a beagle) that she is just beautiful and that we should enter her in dog competitions... haha!  

We don't know how we ever lived without her!  She is just the biggest sweetheart and cuddle-bug in the world- you were TOTALLY right when she was just a baby (before we even brought her home) and you had said that she was going to be a total Mommy's girl and a big-time cuddler.  She sends you tons of puppy-kisses!  

Kelli (and Dunkyn!)



Hi Danielle, 

We know this is crazy but here is gully at a ripe age of 8 months a little best man to his new married beagle rents. As you can see he's doing great, a graduate of obedience training, and a gentleman in a tux. Thought you'd love the picture and seeing the progress of his life. We appreciate the newfound beagle love as he is now a significant part of our family.

Thank you,
Alex, Trisha, Gull



  Sarah wrote in on May 28, 2011 , ABOUT MAGGIE , AND REALLY COOL COMPARSION PIC !

Hi Danielle,
Can you believe it's been a year since the puppies were born? We were excited to celebrate Maggie's first birthday and thought you'd like to see some of the pictures we took.

Hope all is well with you and your family.
Sarah and Brian


Hi, Danielle!
I hope you've been well! I just wanted to give you a little update on Gatsby.
He is doing wonderfully! He is honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. He's still a big baby, and loves to be cuddled and the center of attention. My family and I went on a vacation to Turks and Caicos a few weeks ago and he came with us. He wasn't a big fan of the water, but he absolutely loved the beach and digging holes in the sand, and making millions of friends when we took walks. He is extremely energetic and loves to torment our other dogs--and us!
I attached a few extra cute pictures of him from our trip. Also, our vet has a small segment on NECN once a week, and Gatsby was the featured puppy! The link to the video is below.
And thank you so much again for him! He is truly a fantastic, loving, perfect puppy. :)       sasi WROTE IN ON MARCH 28, 2011


on Feb 2, 2011

Hi Danielle, looks like a cold night ahead for Orange, maybe as low as -25. Webster has an anticipated low of -12, BUT, our method of keeping warm is simple, "Annie, time for bed". Need we say that there is nothing like a Beagle to warm you all over. John & Tish

ANNIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Marcela wrote in about "Macaroni" on Jan 14, 2011 

Hi Danielle !!! How are you ? Hope you and the girls are doing great.
Macaroni went to vet today !!! His doing excellent his current weight is 8.25 lbs, and is a very healthy boy he got his vaccines and everything, his house training is doing great his so smart and everybody loves my macaroni his making us very happy !!! Thank you for giving us such a beautiful and healthy puppy Danielle. He loves to play he gets along well with chulito and Bonita ( my brother got a french bulldog a female same day as macaroni she's 12 weeks old ) I will keep in touch and send more pics of macaroni ( oh and everybody loves the name :) ) and thank you for calling Ivan I apologize i didn't write before I wanted to give you the full update about macaroni. Have a great night !!! Say hi to girls :) !!! Xoxo
Ps you were so right about the chewing lol very sharp teeth !!!
Sent from my iPhone





 Una wrote in about Patches on Dec 15, 2010, this was the girl beagle with the white ear, as you can see it didn't stay all white. She was quite the unique puppy and seems to be thriving with Una. 
Hi Danielle,
Sorry that I have not been in touch sooner regarding Patches.  She is doing very well and is such a beautiful dog.  She wants to play a lot with Shadow, the black lab and tries very hard to get her to run around.  Shadow is 9 now and really doesn't feel like running that much.  We take Patches out twice a day for a long walk with Shadow or just let her run around the yard.  She stays close to Shadow.  This spring I am going to fence in the yard, because I know she will take off.  Shadow will stay around the yard but I know Patches will not.  I attempted to send you an email picture of Patches on her 1st birthday, but it didn't succeed.  I will send you one by mail soon.   I often look at your web site, it is a real "pick me up" and I am glad you are doing well.  Take care, Una


    Vera wrote back again on Nov 12, 2010

WOW 12 weeks old already and weight 9 pounds!  Winni comes when called, knows how to sit and is working on giving her paw.  She loves to play fetch and has lots of toys.  Winni also enjoys being upside down and having her belly rubbed.  Winni had a great play date over the weekend with one of my friend’s beagles, Lola, who is 4 years old:



Winni went to the vet today and weighs 6.5 pounds and is extremely healthy!   She is doing just wonderful, and we are having tons of fun with her.  Winni comes when she is called and is starting to sit on command.  She also loves to play fetch and swim in her water bowl.  And she is doing fantastic with her potty training!


 Wendy wrote in below , also pics of her beagle Maisie Below:

Maisie w/ frosting on her !

Maisie w/ RAWHIDE !

  I absolutely adore her and her family ! and she tells it like it is for all of you looking to bring a new puppy home,
  this is her experience: 
Hey, Danielle!

I just wanted to send you an official update on Maisie.  I know you see her on Facebook all the time, but here's the real story! lol  I've attached two photos for your collection.

Maisie is doing very well -- she's about 9 months old, now, and is definitely housetrained.  (Yay!!)  The last time we weighed her, she was about 16 1/2 pounds (so small compared to her siblings!), and every other week, she goes to the small dog playgroup at our vet's office.  Maisie is the only dog I've ever had who actually gets excited when we pull into the vet's parking lot!  Since we don't have a fenced-in yard, we built a dog-door panel for our sliding glass door and a gate for our deck.  Now she can go outside & sit on the deck whenever she wants!  Whatever the weather, if the dog-door is up, she goes out-in-out-in-out-in all day long -- she's worse than the kids by far! 

She doesn't care much about unrolling the toilet roll anymore (thank goodness!) -- instead, she'd rather chew on the cardboard tube, so she grabs them out of bathroom before we can get them to the recycling bin!  Maisie also loves her rawhide toys, rope bones, and tennis balls and can occupy herself for quite some time with them.  She rips apart an average of one stuffed toy a day -- once all the stuffing and squeakers are gone, she tears apart the fabric until there's nothing left but a holey rag.  She's conquered the stairs to the basement & 2nd floor & loves to follow us down into the basement to explore.  At night, she burrows right down under the blankets and curls up near our legs! 

Although she doesn't "come" unless she feels like it (or we have food as a lure!), she is starting to get better about not ALWAYS pulling while on-leash.  (Most of that progress has come in the past month, since I broke my wrist -- we make her "sit" before the leash goes on, before we open the door, before we go down the stairs, before we let her back in the house & finally before the leash comes off.  Though borne of necessity, the "sit" routine has helped tremendously.)   Penny & Emma both spend a few minutes each day working on basic commands with her, and Maisie is now a champion at "down" -- she "downs" wicked fast, even on the cold floor! 

She still has some separation issues -- especially with me (Wendy), so it's a good thing we don't live in a townhouse or apartment, or the neighbors would surely complain. 

We all had a great time at the Beagle Bash, and enjoyed meeting Lucy, Zoey, Ollie, and all their parents.  Maisie had a particularly fun time ruckusing around with Zoey and Lucy -- she went easy on Uncle Ollie.  Danielle, Maisie is a great dog -- we're so pleased with her general disposition, and she's matured so much!

Arooooos to you and your beagles,
Wendy, Dan, Penny, Emma, & Maisie

ps -- hey nana! it's me, maisie! i see they have left the computer unattended - hahahaha! now i will tell you the real truth. they don't let me beg. they make me work for people food and puppy treats and rawhide flips. they force me to stay in a gated area so i can't take whatever i want from -- oops i mean explore -- the dining room or bedrooms. i am forced to pee outside, even when it's wicked cold. mom is taking FOREVER to make me a sweater to protect my delicate beagle skin. none of the squeakers in my toys work, anymore, either. what's up with that!? please talk to them on my behalf. love, maisie

Zoey Ready for the BEAGLE BASH !!!


 Next up is the Beagle Bash  Pics, Held September 25, 2010: PICTURES ABOVE !!




Several of my beagle parents attended , Wendy,Divya, Betty,Sarah, John & Tish  etc !!!

 you won't find this with anyone else but me , these are real photos and real people who

adopted a puppy from me ! Laughing

Buddy w/ Kim's Son , READY FOR HOLLOWEEN!!!!!

Buddy w/ Kim's Daughter, his new family !

Bella Surfs UP !

AUGIE W/her designer Coat!


 I'm adding some pics I took off the Facebook Page, they are from this Summer to Fall 2010

 Updated pics ( parents write on facebook to update me feel free to contact them).  The

Following people & Beagles are already on the website here some cool pics I took off of facebook:

 They are Augie/Catherines Girl , Bella/Marin's girl , & Kim's Buddy not to be confused with Ann's Buddy.

 Steph wrote on facebook about Moxie on Oct 21 , 2010 

Moxie was gone from us for one night and I think Jesse and I just about lost our minds! She is spayed now and enjoying some downtime. The vets say she howled all night. That's my girl! :3


Hi Danielle,  BARB WROTE IN June,2010

I just wanted to give you an update on Georgie. He is now 5 months old and doing really good. He has grown so much since pick-up day, it's hard to believe. We are finding baby teeth on the floor from time to time, and starting to see the adult teeth come in. It is so sweet. Rich and I both feel that he looks a lot like his Dad, Rebel. Sometimes he looks at us and cocks his head to the side, and he looks just like the picture of Rebel on your website.

His markings are starting to show more and more brown. He is a good looking dog! When we go for walks in the neighborhood, people stop their cars to see him. He is getting a lot of attention :)

We are all enjoying having Georgie join our family!

Here are some pictures that I took of him yesterday, just over 5 months.

Best Regards,



Hi Danielle, Ann wrote in on June 16th,2010

Here is Buddy sunbathing in our yard the other day… I don’t know about you – but shouldn’t Buddy be in a Beagle calendar?  Or on a card?  J

I can’t believe his 1st birthday is on Friday!!!  Time flies…

Talk soon,



Barb & Rich wrote in: April 5, 2010 

 just wanted to send you a couple updated pictures of Georgie. He is
gaining weight and doing good. We are all enjoying him.



Hi Danielle, March 23, 2010

How are you? I hope things are going great at canine kids :)

Zoey got spayed on 10th Feb. She did great. She was sore just the night, but slept all through. During the next couple of days it was hard to keep her calm. She was back to running around and playing as if the surgery had never happened. Anyway, whats important is that the vet said she healed beautifully. She weighs about 17 pounds and is up to date on all vaccines. Can't believe she turns 6 months in a week! 
We eave her at the doggy day camp occasionally and she likes it there. Shes made a lot of friends and plays a lot (romp and roll). She also knows that at the end of the day we bring her back home so she is secure. 

Oh and she graduated from basic education class at petsmart. The trainers say shes great and is ready for the intermediate level too :) We're so proud of her :) 

Apart from that, she loves playing with us and loves to cuddle. She will lounge on the sofa all day if we're with her. She also likes heading out and meeting people. Shes got a million compliments on her coloring and markings and knows just how cute she is :) She likes taking walks and we try to head out for a walk about twice a day. She has lost some teeth too.. Its so funny cuz she doesn't understand whats happening and looks puzzled when it falls out of her mouth. She is getting loud, but hasn't discovered the howl yet. LOL. She understands every word we say and listens intently when we talk to her. Its amazing to see how fast they learn.

Thats all from us for now. We will keep you posted regularly.. 
Take care and Love, 
Divya and Sid

Zoey Graduates !

Hello Danielle!
Here are some pictures of Bandit (aka Remi now), he's turning 7 months in 2 days (can't believe how old and big he's getting). He's a very very playful puppy, loves to grab everyone's socks in the house (hehe) and play in the snow! He's just wonderful, we all love him very much!
Hope you are having a great year so far.
Denisse, Andrea, and Juan Joniaux



Marin wrote in Jan 2010:



Thank you so much for the xmas card. it was so cute. i luv your web site and the pictures you put up! Bella is doing great. she is 15 pounds and the vet says she is perfect. here are some new pictures of her!


Joe and Buster !

Buster Ready for Xmas !

Hi Danielle!!

 Joe wrote in about Buster, he decided he was ready for dog and I think he's done a great job ! Jan 2009

Sorry for not writing back sooner, but Buster is doing great! He is getting so big now! I can't believe he is already SIX MONTHS!! He is Happy, Healthy, and Hyper!! He is updated on all his shots, and he even graduated from puppy school!! So far he has learned his name, sit, and stay. And he LOVED socializing with all the other puppies there, and of course he started howling away when it came time to learn :-) But the trainer loves beagles and she totally fell in love with Buster (who wouldn't?!). You should have seen Buster experiencing snow for the first time!! He was so cute!!!! He looked like a little dolphin hopping through the snow (since the snow was taller than him!) We even dressed him up as Santa for Christmas! We were able to keep the suit on, but didn't have much luck with the hat. He is so adorable and sweet. He loves going on my bed and falling asleep up against me. And of course he loves licking my face! doggy slobber!! His favorite toy is probably stuffed animals and he loves getting into new things his nose brings him to! We didn't get very far our first walk... :-) AND GUESS WHAT! He's potty trained!!! He's doing fantastic with it!! When we first brought him home he had an accident on the carpet not too long after walking through the door, but now he is able to hold it and control it! yay! He can also be "sassy" like his mother sometimes. He is still going through he teething stage so he is always surrounded with chew toys. It has been challenging (not gunna lie), but Buster is an awesome puppy and I love him so much.

He has been a great addition to our family, and I'll keep you updated with pictures!

Joe Jordan & Family

Buddy's first Snow !

Buddy with Santa !

 Ann updated me on how Buddy is doing Dec 2009: She wrote

Buddy wanted to thank you for his 1st  Christmas Card but we’re still working on his phone and computer skills…so thank you!  JI got some great pics of him enjoying his first snow a few weeks ago.  Can you tell he loves it??  Ugh, I can’t believe he’ll be 6 months old tomorrow!! Don’t judge me but I took him to see Santa.  J  He was so good!  Personally I think his picture should be on card, but I’m a biased puppy Mom.He’s so cute and has been such a good puppy.  Some days my husband and I ask each other how we got so lucky.  (Well, he does like to drink the water from the Christmas tree and steal my socks…but we’re working on that too.)

Talk more soon and good luck with Cassy and her new pups next month!


Chloe one years old

Sorry it took so long to respond. Everything is great with Chloe. As you know she just celebrated her 1st birthday and was queen for the day! She hasn't found her howl yet but man can she bark at times. She gets along great with the kids  She loves to run in the yard and play with her soccer ball with the kids.
Hope you all have a great holiday season.
The Wyatts

   Marin wrote in Fall 2009 on an update on Bella, she wrote:

Hi Danielle
Bella is absolutely amazing ! She is so smart, I can't belive it. She got up once during the night to go "potty" for the 1st 2 weeks. Now she sleeps all night with no accidents. Bella has a couple of accidents still but uses her pee pee pad when she does. She already learned (sit, to give paw, lay down, and crawl). We bring her to the park and let her run free, she stays in sight and comes when we call her. All went well at her vet appointment..."she was hit let me tell you!" Everyone who meets Bella tells me how beautiful her color and markings are! (I can't agree more). She is such a happy playful puppy and a great snuggler! Bella plays great with my niece and nephew when they come to visit. She loves car rides but won't dare put her feet in wet grass..haha what a princess she is. We are so pleased with her. Thank you so much.




August is doing great! She is getting so's amazing to look back at her pictures from a couple months ago and believe it's the same dog! She dressed up as a New England lobsta for Halloween this year. It was so adorable! :)
Augie's quite the smart dog, too. She has mastered the "sit," "stay," and "lie down" commands already. And, we've enrolled her in a puppy class that she will begin later this month.
Augie is spunky, sweet, and just a pure joy to have. I am so happy that we were able to adopt her from you and she is truly the dog for us - it was meant to be!  I can't wait to have her around this Christmas season and to see how she reacts to snow.  :)
I've attached some recent (they were taken in Oct.) pictures of Augie. A couple of them were from when we took her down to Newport, R.I. to see the mansions & walk along the ocean cliffs. Enjoy!
-Catherine & Rashidi


  I had emailed Chris to ask how Jackson was doing, Fall 2009 he wrote: 

Hi Danielle,

Here are some pics of the BIG boy.

He is a big stinker and we love him very much.

Talk to you soon,



Fall 2009, John & Tish write in about Annie often and mail pics, I have yet to scan some. They adore her , John brings her the beagle club and he's planning on bringing her to the Beagle Bash", but this is what it is like to have a  Puppy, I found this halirious , John wrote: 

Hi, wanted to tell you about Annie. She is the best thing since, well you can fill in the rest. Score card: 4 vet visits, 2 pairs of sneakers (actually only one, she chewed right foot only on both pairs), 5 holes (all have been refilled numerous times), a gazzilion "your soooo cute from everyone", 3 bandaids for minor 'nips', 1 lead she decided that should be in two sections, 3 small meals per day (2/3 cup each), 4 kitchen seat cushion ties, 2 books (covers only), and the giver of un-countable licks & kisses. We can't remember what is what like 'before Annie' all a fog. She loves walks, meeting her dog friends, belly rubs, meals (she can tell time), the grand kids, and being loved. She will be four months old Sunday, will send pictures via email once someone shows us how to. Thanks, John & Tish

  Ann wrote in on Buddy , OF COURSE I THINK HE"S ADORABLE !! LOL !! I see his training is going well !  SMART BOY !

Hi Danielle,
What do you think of Buddy?!?!?  I know i'm biased but isn't he the cutest????
He's really doing great and as of Sunday he is officially up-to-date with all of his shots.  He weighed in at just under 16 pounds at 3 1/2 month old.  
 We haven't even had him with us for a full 2 months yet...but we can't imagine life without him!  I'll keep you posted on his progress.
Thanks again and good luck . 
OMG!  I just checked your site.  Juno and Rebel had babies?!?!  Ugh, they are the cutest!  If only I had the time and energy for one more right now....BEAUTIFUL puppies.  Congrats. :)  And good luck!!!

Ann & Buddy , I love this pic !

Buddy learning "Shake"


***Missy wrote in about Copper, He's a beautiful boy ! 
Hi Danielle, I am so jealous of the colors of your new pups!! They are gorgeous!! just a quick update, Copper is doing really well he weighs 12lbs already!! We just went for our 2nd set of shots on Monday and of course I guess he had side affects, I was so scared :( he was laying around yelping and not really himself at all not eating no kisses I called the vet and they said to give it 24 hrs and of course he is his rambunctious self again :) he is so playful and great w/the kids and Yared just LOVES him too!!! I will be emailing pics if not tonight then def tommorrow, just wanted to say Hello and congrats on new puppies :)
Take Care


This Email is from Susan who adopted "Lily Ann"......... she was a heartfelt person who was very happy
  to be able to bring her home for her son Steven.  Sometimes a new family member
can make a huge diffrence in someone's life, and she and her son were a great example of how much  compassion and meaning this can BE to there FAMILY !!!!
Hi Danielle,
     As I sit here e-mailing you LITTLE MISS LILY ANN is behind me on my bed with her blanket very happy. My alarm clock is now set 30 minutes earlier so I can set Lili Ann up for the day, She sleeps with me all night very comfy - the morning consists of putting her out - feeding her and then placing her by my side in my room while I get ready for work. She hates to be alone!  One of us needs to be in the kitchen or living room giving LILY full attention at all times - or she will sit at the gate and cry. When my day is over at school I can not wait to get home to her and she is so excited to see me - we then leave and go pick the kids up at school - you might think she was seeing them for the first time - she gets so excited and just licks and licks the kids. Our nights are LILY ANN - playing and walks and she loves to go for rides in the car - s soon as I get her harness and leash she runs for the door. She just loves her bed and her indoor dog house - but only if one of us is in the room. She is spoiled - took her to petco on Sunday - every one thought she was great. I have given your web site out to a few people at work - one woman lost her beagle almost a year ago and is now ready for another - I told her you are the BEST.  I will send you lots of pictures as soon as I develop the film. Saturday night Steven and Lily Ann fell asleep on the couch side by side.
Love and Thanks,
 The picture to the right is of her daughter & Steven her son holding "Lily Ann"

 This is Lu Lu .............her mom Deb sent in some pics and left me a message on how she's doing!   Her body looks like mom Abby Ann..............she's beautiful ! First pic of her at nap time .   Later on,    Debbie just wrote me again ,may 09 ..........a pic of Lu Lu with her best
friend baby Gianna...................and celebrating her first birthday !





Josh writes in about "Daisy " he adopted her to rabbit hunt and for a new family member     2007         He wrote : Danielle:
 Daisy is doing great. Accidents are over for the most part. She is very well trained that she sits at the door when she would like to go out. We also are just about finished with puppy training from PetSmart(since this is Ashley's first puppy). She does great in class and picks up the commands fast. She has grown pretty good. Her teething is about over. Daisy has adapted very well to the area. We are starting to take her on walks in the evening. She does pretty good as long as you keep her on the road and not in the grass. I like to get her all excited and run around the inside of the house. She then runs after me and barks. 

 * --------------------------------------------