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Puppy Parents Cards & Emails !!!

Hi Danielle ( update from Pam on AUg 22, 2012
Hope you are having a nice summer.
I wanted to drop you a note not only to tell you that Max is doing well, but to let you know how people can't get over how cute he is. We get so many compliments not only on the fact that he is cute (after all, aren't all puppies?) but more specifically on his markings. We have been stopped in the street, people driving by us have stopped their cars, our vet etc., all commenting on what a good looking dog he is.
You breed great looking beagles and I wanted you to know!
Max is doing well. He is a challenge but it is all good. He tries to eat everything, chew everything, he is now on to digging holes (I think we have moles) and is very vocal when he want another dogs attention. The kids love him, maybe a bit too much for Max. It was great though, Nick had banged his head really hard on a table (he was on the floor with Max) and started crying pretty hard. Max came right over to him, crawled into his lap, and started licking his face...priceless!
And, I gave some women we met while walking, your website info.
Hope all your pups are good!

 UPDATE ON JAKE AUG 10th 2012 
Hi Danielle - Thought you would enjoy seeing a recent pic of Jake. He continues to do very well! We switched him to a more roomy crate and are also giving him more freedom in selected rooms of the house. He's learning to "leave it" when he grabs things that he shouldn't. It's great that he's a good rider - he's done several trips to NH and one to Maine. He's about 20 lbs. but is keeping a pretty lean look. Is not a big barker, but gets excited and bays when he's going to get a treat. Loves to snuggle next to me when I sit on the couch - so much for keeping him off the furniture! He's a sweet little boy!

Hi Danielle -
Kathy asked me to send you some pix of Duffy. The first 3 were taken the day he came home. The next 3 were taken last week. He is growing like a weed! He adjusted to our home very easily and is the hit among our neighborhood and friends. He has made friends with our neighbor's dog which is a very gentle munsterlander (German hunting dog similar to a springer spaniel) and is the last pix.
House breaking is having its good days and so-so days. Duffy really has a sweet personality. Now if I can just get him to sleep past 5:00 a.m., and no, Kathy is not the one getting up with him!



  Nancy wrote in about Jake on June 15th, 2012
Hi Danielle – Jake is doing wonderfully! I’ve gotten him used to walking on an expandable leash, and he can make it almost 1/2 mile total, walking on our Main Street in Deerfield. All of the Dfld Acad. students have now gone home for the summer, but they would crowd around him when I would walk him around the campus – he’s like  a little rock star – and so friendly to everyone. He has also met some BIG dogs who are very sweet with him. Yesterday he got to play with a friend’s pup who is half Maltese/half Shi Tzu – they are about the same size. I’m sending a few more pics – people say he’s already growing bigger. I know he is, but it’s harder to notice when I’m with him every day. He is a real lap snuggler, and is slowly getter better about chewing his toys rather than our hands!  Hope all is well with you!   Nancy


  Trish wrote in on March 17, 2021 and she was right I love it !!!

  Hey Danielle,

    Saw the St. Patty's day post and thought you would like this pic of Gully !





  Josh  & Jess write in Dec 27,2011

Hi Danielle,

 . Boomer is doing great. He is full of energy and mischief.
He loves to play tug and run outside, and he loves to chew things that he is not
supposed to! He is definitely faster than Josh and me; he is impossible to
catch when he's in a full sprint. He's about 30 lbs. now and absolutely
beautiful. He looks like his momma. He is super smart too. He learned his
commands so fast and graduated kindergarten with flying colors. =)

He was terrified of the other dogs in his puppy kindergarten class at first.
One was a pitbull/doberman mix and the other was a Portuguese water dog. They
liked to play with each other, but they were much bigger than Boomer, so he
would hide in a corner and drool. The only way we got him to play with the
other dogs was to throw treats at them while they were wrestling so Boomer would
go find them and eat them - he will eat ANYTHING! Eventually he got into the
mix with them and had a great time playing. He had so much fun he wouldn't want
to leave.

We enjoy having Boomer so much - it is hard to imagine life without him now. It
is as if he is our child!

Anyway, we just wanted to give you an update. We hope you have a lovely

Jess & Josh


Hi Danielle,   DIVYA WROTE IN ON JUNE 12 2011

Hope things are going great at your end.

We recently visited Cape Cod and Newport and took Zoey along with us
to both the places. She loved it and obviously hogged a LOT of
attention. Here are a few pics for you to enjoy. Shes not so much a
water baby, but is very curious about the waves although she doesn't
like getting wet :)

I'm so gonna miss her playful shenanigans when I go to Illinois for a year.

Take care Danielle, and I'll catch up with you soon.


Hi Danielle,
    Here are some pictures of Kiko. He is doing great. Today will be a week since we have him, and he seems to feel completely at home now. He doesn't cry at night anymore. Slowly we are introducing him to all the corners of our home and yard, and he loves to go around exploring every inch. Natalie plays "find the treat (or toy) around the room", and fetch games with him. She loves to walk him, and teach him "puppy manners". She can't wait to be out of school so she can spend more time with her new puppy. They are best buddies!♥ Niel played Vet Doctor with him this morning, and was very cute! Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, maybe next time I will be ready. ☺
I will keep you posted with pics and news. I now you must miss your babies ♥
Amaya           AMAYA WROTE IN ON JUNE 3, 2011:


 Vera writes in on April 28th, 2011 on Winni :

WOW almost 8 months old!  Winni is definitely a true Beagle.  When outside, her nose is to the ground, her tail is pointed, and one of her front paws is upright.  She is the love of my life.  Her current official name is “Winni Wiggles Rocket”.  She loves to dance and groove, hence the Wiggles and when Winni is outside she runs at the speed of light, hence the Rocket.  Winni is so fast that she almost caught a rabbit in the yard over the weekend.  Winni is also very vocal – not barking or howling, but talking.  It is a ton of fun to carry on a conversation with her.  And yes, she still tries to run away with her water dish.  I keep telling Winni that her dish isn’t a swimming pool.

Winni actually has a ton of freckles on her face and paws but they don’t show up in this picture.  I think she looks a lot like her mama Abby Ann.

Hey we are going to be camping at Erving State Forest from July 10-13.  We would love to be able to stop by for a quick visit so that you could see Winni and she can see her Beagle family.  Hopefully we can work out a date/time that is convenient for you.  Oh and we can’t wait to take her camping!!

Winni says HI!


 March 10, 2011,

 Ann writes in w/ her new baby news & buddy's new sister !

Hi Danielle!
Miss Abby is here!  But my Buddy has been kinda scared of her so far.  He's finally started to accept that she's staying and is part of the pack. :)
More pics to come!!
Talk soon,

 DIVYA updated me on Zoey, her and Sid update me regularly on facebook and my web ! She sent in this email on Jan 23, 2011 


How are you? Hope things are great with you and all the kids at home! 
I just checked out Maggies pics on FB. She looks adorable.. :) 

Zoey is doing great and is an active playful puppy.. She just had a vet visit yesterday and things are going well with her. The doctors say she is a really sweet puppy! :) 

Sid and I were curious as to how you clean your dogs ears.. We use a ear cleaner and some cotton balls and stuff, and Zoey is a little squeamish. We thought maybe you'd have another way? 

I will write in more detail and attach pictures of Zoey soon. She really has a good time in the snow.. Mainly eating the snow!! hahah! 

Take care Danielle, 


Divya and Sid 


    SARA WROTE IN OCT 31, 2010 
Hi Danielle-
Sorry I haven't written sooner about Maggie- Brian and I just got married and have been busy planning the wedding. When we went away for our honeymoon, she stayed with friends of ours who have three large dogs and did just great. But while we were away we kept talking about how we wished we could have brought her with us! It is great to be back. 
Maggie is doing just great! She completed the Petco training class and passed with (almost) flying colors (she has difficulty with the 'come' command). Having a dog has helped us meet almost everyone in the neighborhood. My sister joked that Maggie is like a celebrity, as neighbors call out to her when we take her for walks. She is very good with the kids in the neighborhood and is getting better playing with other dogs (she used to get too excited and not take hints when other dogs wanted to end play).
It is hard to believe we have had her for almost four months- it's hard to imagine her not being here! The vet has recommended her being spade toward the end of next month- she is growing up fast. I've attached a few pics so you can see how she's grown.

Hope all is well with you and your family,
Sarah and Brian



  Update on LILY ANN !  Susan wrote in over the summer: 
Hi Danielle.
Hope all is well with you. Hopefully you will get these pictures of "LILY ANN"  Had to come home early from vacation the vet said Lily Ann was not happy being boarded. SPOILED!!! We all missed her so very much!       
Susan, Lauren and Steven

Miss Lilly ANN & Stephen

Lily two years old

 Justin wrote me on Oct 25,2010, Pebbles update: 
Hey Danielle, Oh Pebble is great...It's been a year this weekend with her, a wonderful year at that. Playful and quite energetic she gets me out walking everyday. Loves the park and especially enjoys the wooded trails in my area. The beach was a blast this summer, we took her on my boat several times. She would be up front, head up with the ears blowing in the wind...quite a scene. She did some swimming, though she's not exactly a waterdog. She has adjusted well to mine and Janets work schedule too, never an accident at home. A basket full of toys, bones and all the fixins, she's got that spoiled puppy thing going for her. One thing that stands out about her is the licking(kissing). Wow does she love to kiss peoples faces!  She started out a finicky eater which was a surprise to me but has gotten much better. She's so much fun, and very well loved, thoughts of another....hmmm we'll see. I'll get you some new photos this week, nice hearing from you Danielle.


 Oct 25, 2010, UPDATE ON DOZER:

Dozer is doing great. He loves being outside and playing soccer with the kids. He is getting big and is very healthy. He was a great addition to the family. He loves his playdates with our neighbors dog, they have so much fun together. The one thing that he still doesn't like is taking a bath .  I attatched some pictures of him.

Dozer going for a Ride !

October 25, 2010 Cocoa Update 

Hi Danielle –

Cocoa is doing great!  She was spayed around the end of September and weighed over 16 lbs at that time – she’s growing like a weed!  She’s a really good dog – Dan takes her to work w/ him 3 days a week and then she’s home with either my  mom (who watches Natalie on Thursdays) or me on Fridays.  We like weekends the best because as long as the weather is good we go for nice long walks up in the woods (of course hunting seasons are here, so we’re a little more careful).  We really enjoy having her – even in the tough times when wrestling the socks, shoes and anything else away from her – but she has turned out to be a great addition to our family. 

I don’t have any recent pictures at the moment, but will take some and send them to you.  You’ll be amazed at her size!

Talk w/ you soon.




Hi Danielle, Beth wrote in on June 4th,2010

Everything went great at the vets – they thought Cocoa looked and acted great!  Her temp was perfect (101)!  They showed me how to clean her ears and clip her nails, of course she was a total wiggle worm.  They think she’ll just be on the small side, but her heart & lungs were good.  They said to go ahead w/ the science diet and try just mixing w/ water to get away from the wet food if I can. 

The picture attached is from last Sunday, so she’s actually even bigger now!  Hope things are well with you and the litter you have going on now.  Thanks for all your help and concern!

Talk w/ you soon.





Hey Danielle !
Bella is doing great! She makes us laugh all the time, her personality is wonderful. Shes a ball of energy and also loves to snuggle. She is going to get spayed next month and is weighing in @ 20lbs. Training went really well, rarely will she have an accident in the house. We found a great dog park that we go to @ least 3 times a week (its a huge field and river that she plays in), I say park and she runs to the car and gets in her seat...haha.  i was amazed how well she took to the other dogs, she is too funny watching her play. Everyone is amazed how fast she is, i think she can beat any dog there. I am also shocked she is not a howler, very rarely will she howl. I lucked out with that! She listens quite well too! My previous beagle would get a scent and she was gone, not Bella! haha You breed some great dogs, I think i want another one soon!

Hi Danielle  March 24, Betty Wrote in :

Thought you'd like to see Lucy playing with her toys! She's getting more vocal, she loves to sit and wait for her food, and then barks until it is ready, she is so so cute!
On another note, I think you mentioned about having a FaceBook page for new owners of your litters, and would like to know more about that when you have a chance.  Other than that, it would be nice if all the folks who have puppies from Cassy's litters could exchange their experiences with each other, so if you wouldn't mind, you can give out my name, and email, so we can communicate back and forth, if anyone is interested in doing that.  It would also just be fun to get pics of the siblings as they grow.  
Lucy's played hard this morning, and is now sleeping, but shortly she'll be up and ready to go again, after eating!  I need to send along a few new pics very soon, but won't do it in this email.
Hope you have a wonderful Easter, and I'm sure hoping you are able to get some rest!


Hi Danielle,

Congratulations on the new pups. Sid and I just saw the update and the
babies are so beautiful! :)

Just writing to give you a quick update on Zoey. She is doing
absolutely fine and is growing really fast. She currently weighs 12
pounds and has her vaccines up to date. Everyone at the vet office and
the pet store loves her. She is such a friendly girl!! She loves the
snow and given the chance she will play all day in it. She is so
energetic and sleeps a lot less now.
Its a pleasure receiving all those sloppy kisses.. really cute!

Her training is going really well. Shes the youngest and cutest puppy
in class and she already knows the sit, come, lie down, shake and stay
commands.. We're working on the drop it right now. I know I'm biased,
but she is such a smart cookie!! She gets spayed on the 10th Feb.
We'll keep you posted on how that goes..

You take care and have a lovely weekend
-Divya and Sid


  John and Tish wrote in on Annie and sent a beautiful pic that I have yet to scan: Dec 2009 they wrote: 
Happy Holidays. Annie will be six months old tomorrow. That means that in estimated humans years that our four legged little furry girl is about 3 1/2 years old. Thats a lot of poop, she is locked into the "terrible twos". What a ball of fire, wouldn't want it any other way. Bought Tish six new kitchen chair pads, probably going to use the old ones for Beagle 'hide n' seek'. She has an uncontrolable desire to assist with the laundry, mostly with sniff/snatch and run. Her plumbing was altered on Dec. 2nd, did absolutely fine, the Vets office loves her. No problem with digging holes, the grounds too hard, but were sure that activity will be replaced by some 'other' activity'. Have AKC papers, vet visit, trip to town hall for proper tags; we now have a Regal Legal Beagle. MERRY CHRISTMAS, John & Tish

Mylee & Zoey

 Danielle wrote in on an update about Mylee: Dec 2009:

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get back to you! We just received your holiday card and it is adorable! Anyways, Mylee is doing great! She's a sweetheart! Her and Zoey get along so well, they are best friends! It's so funny, when Steven and I take them to the dog park, they still only play with each other! But every things going great! Also, Steven and I just got engaged! I hope you have a great Christmas and New Years! I can't believe Mylee's already turning one! Time flies! 

Take care!
-Steven & Danielle 

Hi Danielle,
Well last night Lily Ann was loving her first snow storm! She was a real hoot to watch - she ran and ran in circles - catching snow balls - every time we brought her in - she barked to go back out!! Thank you for the great x-mas card. Talk to you soon.
Susan, Steven and Lauren


 Missy updated me on Copper: SURGERY DAY - and yes i do recommend you microchipping your new puppy, remember everyone they need vet visits after they go home as missy points out in her update: Dec 2009- 
Hello just a quick update, today Copper had "surgery" I took his manhood away from him LOL and so far he is doing well they did have to put on a cone thing I forget the real name, he is trying to lick the area, well of course I couldn't even focus all day too much worrying about him, I can't believe I felt this way :) but he is our baby!! he is a healthy 23lb boy still growing and I can't believe he is going to be 6 mos old, wondering if I should get him a playmate ( HEE HEE HEE) but happy to say I can now recover for about a yr other than meds, that puppy sure has drained my bank accout but he is worth every penny, oh and I did put a chip in him not sure if you recommend that but where I live I have traintracks, woods, and behind us factories so if he did take off in whatever direction who knows where he would end up and I would be devastated if I lost him!! so I did do that, he has tried to take off lately, this week before his surgery he started
acting up it was weird, but hopefully he will be alittle more calm.

Take Care
Love Missy :)


Raj wrote in about Mylo-Dec 2009 

Hi Danielle,

Mylo is doing great. Training is going pretty well. He still gets very
excited when he sees new people and will pee, we're not sure how to deal
with that other than still introducing him to people. He sometimes nips
but he is getting much better. He's really cute and loves sitting in our
laps or near the heater. Here are a few pictures

Justin wrote in about pebble , Fall 2009, and I absolutely love that sleeping on the chair pic !!! he wrote: 
Pebble is great! a handful...but great. She's had two visits to the vet, everything is fine, nice and healthy. I've started to train her using simple sit, stay and come commands, as well as keeping up with the crate training. She is still teathing a lot, we keep plenty of chew toys around her. All in all, I'm very pleased with everything. I've yet to upload my photos onto my laptop, as soon as I do I'll send you some. Hope all is well, take care.



Sarah wrote in on Ollie, Fall 2009:  I have yet to be able to copy the pics she sent however :--(

Hi Danielle, I wanted to sent you the pics from the beagle bash.  Ollie had a great time so didn't his friend brewski.  I never seen so many beagles!! I guess there was over 100!  Ollie also won third place in the costume contest.  Maybe we will see you there next year!!  Love Sarah and Ollie

 Fall 2009,John and Diana gave a quick note on Dozer son of Cassy and Rebel , they wrote: 

He is great. He's a little over 11 pounds and having a blast with the girls. Thank you again. He knows how to keep us busy and i think he gets us more tired then we do him.


  Fall 2009- Marie writes in often and with updated pics of Charlie, son of KC Sargent & Sugar Baby,She wrote:
Hi Danielle,
Charlie is a character! He is allot of fun. Around 9 at night he is ready to go to bed. He will look at the bedroom door and look at me and I will ask him if he wants to go to bed-I open the door he goes up on my bed and goes to sleep. He gets along great with Bella she chases him around outside and they wrestle. If one of them goes out without the other they are happy to see each other when they get home. He is very good in the car-sits in the front seat like a good boy. He is very handsome-has a great shape-very muscular and he has that adorable face. I will send some new pictures soon.


Marie wrote in early fall, we both found it remarkable how much he looks like his daddy "Koby" KC Sargent 
Hi Danielle,
 Charlie is doing well. He weighs 28 lbs and is very handsome.
He did really well with training. He is alot of fun-has a great personallity.



Hi Danielle,
Just wanted to let you know Buddy is doing great.  He's so smart and already sits on command.  I can't believe he's 10 weeks today. 
These pictures are actually from last week.  He's changed so much in the last 2 days!  I swear he's growing by the hour.
~Ann    Here's a quick note from Ann on Buddy's progress. 2009  Love updates !Cool


Augie is doing great! We had our first vet visit with her last Thursday. She got her nails clipped & had a general lookover. We take her for her 2nd round of vaccinations on Saturday.
She has started to really enjoy going on walks. At first, she was sort of nervous and unsure with the different noises & sights, but she has recently become more comfortable with her surroundings and enjoys running around & sniffing during her walks.
Augie's personality is really starting to show - she's so playful & energetic. :) She loves to run after her toys down our long hallway, bring them back, and run after them yet again. She's a trip! She's very loving, always giving Rashidi & I plenty of kisses. And, she's friendly. On her walks, people will come up and say hi and she seems to be doing very well with meeting new people.
The whining has died down considerably. When she's in her crate and we walk away, she may cry a little bit, but she doesn't go on & on like before. I think she's showing great improvement, and she's probably starting to understand that we always return and are not going to leave her.
All in all, she's doing very well & we are enjoying her very much. I'll keep you updated with her progress!
                      Catherine wrote in on the August's progress 2009,Thank You Catherine ,love to see my pups go to good homes !!!


Hi Danielle
I just thought I would send you an update on Charlie. He is doing great with Bella. They get along very well  as you can see in the picture. They play fight then snuggle up and sleep together. Charlie will definately be bigger than Bella-he is almost her size right now and she is about 18 lbs. He is more mellow than she is-likes to go in his crate and take a nap. He is very sweet but dosn't get pushed around easy by other dogs! I will keep you up to date.
           THIS PIC was sent by Marie in long island new york, who adopted "charlie" the lemon white boy laying on Miss Beautiful ~BELLA~ ... Lovey pic !!!!!!!!  THANK YOU


Hi Danielle,
Chloe is doing great! She is already over 15 pounds. She loved the snow and now loves the rain. She comes in the car with me almost everyday to bring the girls to school and wines when they leave. Here's some updated pictures of her so you can see how big she has gotten.
The Wyatt Family      
  Pic of Chloe that is a tri-color Juno's Sister.


Hi Danielle,
Just thought you would like to see some pictures of Jackson. We are really enjoying him and love him very much. We took him to Kaity's basketball game on Saturday and he was the hit of the game. I had ladies sharing pictures of their beagles with me. His vet check went great. He is 9.3 pounds and healthy.
  THE PIC TO THE RIGHT IS OF "Jackson!" He's a lemon/white boy.


    Danielle B sent me a pic of "Emma" who they renamed "Mylee" and she is the lemon/white beagle playing with there own lil girl
 "Zoey"... both gorgeous girls !!! had to post the pic ! 
Hey Danielle-

I hope all is well with you and your beagles! Im sorry that I missed your phone call last night, but i'd rather send you an email so I can send some pictures of Zoey and Mylee! Mylee is doing wonderful! She's still a little peanut, but is bigger and eats a TON haha, ( I think your right thats she's just going to be small) but, she's a little fire ball with a ton of energy, usually she's beating up Zoey, lol. 

Mylee had her vet visit last weekend for a dewormer, and has another coming up the 28th of March. She's also doing very well with housebreaking! Anyways, she's been wonderful! The day Mylee came home I haven't seen Zoey's and My's tail stop wagging. Here's some photos of the two girls! 

Take care, and ill be sure to update you again soon! Especially after the 28th and let you know her weight! It's amazing how fast puppies grow!

-Danielle & Steve

We're sorry we didn't get a chance to give you an update until now, but we were busy over the Christmas season.  Thank you for the Christmas card.  It was really cute.  Daisy is doing great.  We currently live in Louisiana, where Josh was stationed with the Coast Guard.  Now she's sniffing out and chasing armadillos instead of bunnies, but she enjoys every minute of it.  We were home in Pennsylvania for two weeks at Christmas, and after being in Louisiana for a couple of months, Daisy wasn't sure how to react to the cold and icy grass when we first got home.  Each blade of grass was like an individual icicle when we arrived, and it was funny to watch Daisy to try to walk on it because she had no idea what it was.  She got tons of toys and treats for Christmas from the entire family and she got time to play with her doggy cousins while we were home.  We think she would definitely like a playmate down here, but she enjoys being spoiled as the only dog too.  The new puppies are all very cute, and we hope everything is going well with them.  We attached a few pictures of Daisy at the bottom.
Take care,
Ashley & Josh Weidman




Baby Gianna & "Lu Lu"

Here is another Holiday picture from Debbie of "Lu Lu" with new grandaughter "Gianna".
Here are some Holiday pics from Joanne of "Baxter" .

Sarah's SPOILED baby :--) "Oliver"

Hey Danielle, Oliver is doing great actually he is having his surgery tommorrow for neutering and I am also getting him micro chiped.  He is not very happy at the moment though because he cant have anything to eat after 6 and he is barking at me and sniffing probably wondering why he cant have any treats or bones. He still loves to play outside with boris and we take him for walks at night. He graduated puppy class but I want to get him into more formal training in Jan, I actually want to train him to be a caring canine which is a dog that visits children in the hospital but that wont be for another year or so. He is very strong and last time I weighed him which was a few weeks ago he was 22lb so he is developing well. he is a very spoiled baby we just love him so much!     *Sarah & Oliver

"Oliver at Holloween" TO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!

 The Below picture is everyone getting there dogs together for a "Dog Party " that Sarah had told me about ! I thought it was a great idea and in this pic is somewhat blurry you can make out the other breeds. All good looking dogs and "Oliver" clearly stands out being a Lemon/White beagle. I thought I would share this with everyone as I thought it was wonderful.   I just thought "ollie " was the cutest ! heh heh



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